Criminology, Forensic Science, Geopolitics and Security

Criminology, Forensic Science, Geopolitics and Security

Our efforts are directed to the issues related to security and safety solutions, as well as the acquisition of any relevant information in case of accusatory and / or defensive investigations, especially as regards to the access and study of the crime scene . All our activities are effectively supported by multidisciplinary synergies of highly specialized nature

Criminalistics and Criminology

Analysis and study of the case, the crime scene, the social actors involved; analysis (ballistics, fingerprints, DNA and forensic genetics, toxicology, microscopic, …) of elements and trace useful to reconstruct the event under investigation; drafting of technical reports; web intelligence.


Analysis and comparative study of handwriting in order to establish its authenticity in any area written documents (signatures, holographic wills, anonymous letters, contracts, …); application of this investigation approach even in areas other than writing as commonly understood (palaeography, carvings, ideograms …).


Study, definition and identification of concrete and localized foreign political and social characteristics, in order to ensure maximum security of exchanges and transfers. Advice about the safety of the operating environments for legal, commercial and industrial purposes. Consultancy on functional diplomatic intelligence and foreign geopolitics.

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