Enterprise Test

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Internationalizing one’s company (or maintaining the position already acquired on foreign markets) or exporting / importing is always difficult both for the regulatory provisions to be updated, and for the search for a partner interested in the product or service and for subsequent negotiation, with a consequent result in terms of waste of time, money and opportunities.

To reduce to minimum the probability of error, make the GEVR © – Test of analysis, diagnosis and orientation towards Internationalization, created in strict compliance with the methodological rules to stand as the analytical, diagnostic and operational guide tool for the Internationalization of your company.

Answer the simple questions of the questionnaire and the responses you will provide, using an algorithm controlled by our professionals, will allow you to quantify the level of development and potential of your company with respect to the objectives of Internationalization and finally, will be created the exact indications of Nations and possible partners, with which your company will be able to develop its international and export / import business.

Through GEVR © and with the assistance of our experts you will have an optimal tool, tailor made, which will allow you to organize and manage company resources effectively and efficiently in order to reach possible foreign interlocutors and to concretize quickly the goal of exporting or importing.