About us

… who we are, what we do and how we got here…

We are a group of professionals who have been present on the Italian, European and international economic scene for over 40 years. Lawyers, jurists, economists, accountants, experts in labour issues, interpreters, consultants who have worked alongside companies to build them, improve them and make them successful and competitive on domestic and international markets. Those, who have had us behind and beside them, have discovered us as hard-working professionals who are careful to transmit deep and simple values; values that have generated benefits for our clients and for those who have entrusted us with their precious asset: their companies.

In the era of new information and communication technologies where, easily we become more and more “electronic persons”, we have succeeded, through the elaboration of interpretative schemes, aimed at understanding the dynamics undergoing in the actual society, to formulate new economic hypotheses and new models to implement our legal and economic consultancy, always responding to the needs of our clients, who are operating in a continuously changing environment.

Thousands of clients, assisted in various economic, legal and contractual areas, both at national and European level, and also at international one, and the satisfaction of having met and respected, punctually, every single expectation.

The success of “our model”? knowledge of the various legal and economic systems and international contracts, knowledge of custom systems, the ability to assist companies in various markets in the world and to swiftly close international contracts in different languages.

Our future is represented by a large European and international network of lawyers, economists, technical consultants, professionals, lawyers, legal practitioners, all of whom operate animated by a genuine spirit of justice and competence, in compliance with the laws and codes of ethics.

Mission, Vision e Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate and support the growth of our client companies by offering the best corporate strategies and personalised solutions, so that they can project themselves on the national, European and international market in a winning, safe and competitive way.

Our Vision

Forming a team together with the Entrepreneur and develop concrete strategies that support his objectives for the Company’s growth, through the analysis and use of innovative patented instruments, and propose concrete solutions that support the competitive positioning of the Company, on the targeted market.

Our values